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Picardy coast

Ault promenade
Ault looking towards the Somme
Ault looking towards Mers
Ault beach at low tide
A photographer gets his feet wet
It is forbidden to walk under the cliffs
Ault 100-year-old-house
Ault house detail
Ault house on the main street
Ault walking into town
Ault main street overlooking beach
Ault closed shops
Ault Art gallery
Ault inside the Art gallery
Ault view from my AIRBNB
Ault main street 2
Ault main street 3
Ault climb to the lighthouse 1
Ault climb to the lighthouse 2
Ault climb to the lighthouse 3
Le Treport view 1
Le Treport view 2
Le Treport view 3
Le Treport lighthouse
Le Treport Lighthouse and church
Mers-les-Bains promenade 1
Mers-les-Bains promenade 2
Mers-les-Bains promenade 3
Mers-les-Bains promenade 4
Bois de Cise house
Bois de Cise beach 1
Bois de Cise beach 2
Parc de Marquenterre 1
Parc de Marquenterre 2
Parc de Marquenterre 3
Parc de Marquenterre 4
Parc de Marquenterre 5
Parc de Marquenterre 6
Parc de Marquenterre 7
Parc de Marquenterre 8